Welcome to OTISweb

This website has been established to allow you to view OTISWeb - the online version of OTIS.

With OTISweb, patients can use OTIS from any computer with access to the internet.  OTISweb can also be run on an intranet - for example, within a hospital.

As you will see, OTISweb looks, feels and operates exactly the same as the offline version which patients may have already used within the hospital setting, including the audio and video content.

OTISweb is designed to be specific for each hospital, using the hospital’s own content.  OTISweb can be reached directly, on its own domain or linked from the hospital’s website.

Like OTIS offline, the hospital can create profiles for each patient and patients log in when using OTISweb.  All content is tailored to the specific patient and all patient use and responses to quizzes, games and questionnaires are stored in the patient’s profile.  Patients can also enter OTISweb as visitors.

An easy-to-use tool allows hospital staff to upload new patient profiles to the web server and download data from the server to update their OTIS Mother Station.  All data is encrypted for secure data protection.  To view screen shots showing this tool, click here.

Unlike OTIS offline, OTIS web can be used by any computer - Windows or MAC. 

OTISweb requires the following:

  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
  • A screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher (OTIS opens in a new window, to ensure that the full screen is visible, and not hidden by the web browser’s tool bars.)
  • 65,000 colors
  • Flash-Player
  • Real Player
  • Javascript active

Most computers already have Real Player and Flash Player. 

Flash Player: For the display the Flash Player from Adobe is required.
Real Player: For the playback of audio and video the RealPlayer is required.

If not, you can download these from here.

Real Player download
Flash Player download

Assistance:  If you have any questions regarding OTIS or OTISweb, please contact your local country Roche OTIS coordinator or the OTIS team at BIOCOM.

To view samples of OTISweb, click on any of the links below.

You may enter as a visitor or as the sample patient, with the password “demo”.

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